Know Your Rights

These resources tell you about your rights when interacting with police and ICE at home, work, driving, or in detention. Knowledge is power!


Learn all about your rights in the form of a short 2-page pamphlet translated in Khmer, Hmong, and Vietnamese

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Learn about your rights in the form of a video which is also translated in Khmer, Hmong, and Vietnamese

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Know Your Rights – A Handbook

Published by our friends at Mijente, Puente Arizona, National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild, and Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights (2017).

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Southeast Asian American Solidarity Toolkit:

A Guide to Resisting Deportation and Detention from the #ReleaseMN8 Campaign

Family members, organizers, and lawyers from the #ReleaseMN8 campaign put together a toolkit based on their personal experiences. The toolkit has information about how to take action to fight for your loved one’s release from immigrant detention.

USCIS Forms & Info

If you are in deportation proceedings, requesting your records is the first step in fighting your case. Click below to begin.

Repatriation Agreements

The U.S. has signed repatriation agreements with both Cambodia and Vietnam. This means that Cambodia and Vietnam are issuing travel documentation to some people who the U.S. government has ordered to be deported.

More Resources

More resources for refugees facing deportation to Cambodia, Vietnam, or Laos