What We Do

The Problem:

Southeast Asians face structural barriers to voicing their opinions and participating in the political systems that shape our society.

Our current political systems have a long history of disenfranchising and marginalizing our Southeast Asian community members through harmful policies. These include structural barriers such as a lack of educational resources on our political systems in Southeast Asian languages, transportation to voting centers, and the continuous absence of tangible changes. As a result, Southeast Asians often feel disempowered to participate in politics and community organizing. 

How We’re Tackling It:


We build a base of politicized Khmer and Southeast Asian folks

MN8 offers workshops that equip the community with legal knowledge and political analysis. Through these events, Southeast Asian community members will become engaged and feel empowered. They will have a clear understanding of how to vote for leaders who actually represent the community. They will know how to participate in the movement and how to organize in their community.

2. Empower Southeast Asian community members to become civically engaged

Our elected leaders make decisions impacting our lives every day. We encourage and empower Southeast Asian community members to exercise their right to vote, participate in political processes, and voice their concerns, hopes, & dreams.

What We’ve Done


Any relevant events will be updated here.


Any relevant events will be updated here.