4 Building Blocks of Liberation Content


We use advocacy as part of our 4 building blocks for liberation by:

  • Building civic power through redistricting—organizing campaigns to redraw equitable district lines to ensure that representation is accurate
  • Educating Southeast Asian communities about their civic power
  • Creating and launching our Advocacy Training group, an intergenerational cohort whose main focus is to learn how to be effective advocates for people impacted by deportation
  • Advocating for universal representation through our project in collaboration with Vera Institute of Justice and SAFE Network
  • Working with National Networks on the Right To Be Together national policy & working with Detention Watch Network (DWN) and other partners to minimize immigrant detention
  • Advocating for policy change by building power with national networks and coalitions

Leadership Development

We use leadership development as part of our 4 building blocks for liberation by:

  • Providing leadership development for impacted community members
  • Organizing meetings with congressional leaders and impacted folks
  • Supporting our Core Team members as they rise up our leadership ladder
  • Offering a summer youth program that encourages conversations around topics such as consent

Community Organizing

We use community organizing as part of our 4 building blocks for liberation by:

  • Offering legal clinics and legal kiosks to empower the community with legal knowledge of their rights and provide assistance for their cases
  • Organizing record clearance clinic and post conviction relief with the Decriminalizing Communities Coalition
  • Providing COVID-19 Rapid Response Relief
  • Providing resources for impacted families to advocate for themselves through power mapping, narratives, and accompaniments