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Tham Gia cùng MN8!

What is a MN8 Member?

MN8’s membership space is where our political home comes to life. MN8 Members are a group of community leaders and volunteers who are passionate about fighting for the liberation of SEA communities and transformative justice. MN8 Members currently meet quarterly to: 

  • Build meaningful relationships with one another and have deep discussions with other community leaders
  • Learn more about the immigration landscape through updates from MN8 Staff 
  • Build power with other co-conspirators to organize, take action, and make an impact on anti-deportation work and fighting for immigrant rights

Ai cần trở thành thành viên của MN8?

If you are passionate about MN8’s mission, aspiring to learn more about anti-deportation work, and want to regularly commit to supporting us, we encourage you to become a member! You can look forward to working in a group, getting inspiration from one another on how to reimagine old systems and build new ones, and collectively carrying out concrete solutions toward abolition.

We welcome all levels of experience and believe that every individual plays an important role in the movement. This is our space to collectively learn from one another and build our movement together.

Thành viên ủng hộ MN8 bằng cách nào?

MN8 Members can collectively and individually participate in anti-deportation work at their own capacity. There are many ways members support MN8, such as:

  • Attending MN8 member meetings, events, and gatherings
  • Volunteering to help with trainings, tabling, and events
  • Sharing and participating in calls to action
  • Directly working with and building civic power with SEA communities
  • Showing up to direct actions and taking up our rightful space
  • Connecting and building a bridge with community members that have been impacted by deportation
  • Building people power through meaningful conversations

Cách nào để tôi gia nhập thành viên MN8?

To let us know you’re interested in becoming a member: 

(1) Complete the member interest form (Linked here)

(2) Complete an initial 1:1 with Chenda, MN8’s Organizer

(3) Attend a 30-minute information session at the next member meeting!