MN8 Voting Hub

Last updated: October 11, 2022

Welcome to MN8’s 2022 Voting Hub!

This voting season, we have three easy steps for you: 

  1. Checking on your voter status
  2. Getting to the polls
  3. Casting an INFORMED vote

Voting is one of the many steps we can take to ensure that our elected officials represent our voices and will support our communities. No matter the outcomes, know that we’ll still be fighting for continued justice and liberation for our people! Join us in the fight by becoming a member, buying merchandise, and donating.

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Checking on Your Voter Status

Check on Your Voter Registration

Do you remember if you’re registered to vote? You can check on your status by visiting the MN Secretary of State’s website,!

What if I’m Not Registered?

October 16th is the last day in MN to register to vote in advance of the elections. But you can also register at the polls on Election Day if you miss the October 16th deadline!

!! Important Notes !!

In the state of MN, if you have a current felony conviction (currently incarcerated, on parole, or on probation), you are not able to vote. You can vote again once you complete all parts of your sentence. More information available here: 

Getting to the Polls

Where do I go?

You can find your polling location here:

What if I need someone to bring me to the polls?

  • APIAVote: Get $10 discounted on Lyft rides with the Code VOTE22 only available on 11/8/22

This section will be updated closer to the elections with rideshare options

Casting an INFORMED Vote

Voting is one of many ways for us to voice the type of city, county, state, and country that we envision. Remember, elected leaders serve YOU and should earn your vote! 

What’s On My Ballot?

Key Elections to Look Out For

County Attorney

In many Twin Cities and suburban counties, the County Attorney is up for election! 

MN8’s Take on Why This Race Matters

The decisions of county attorneys, especially in counties with many immigrant and refugee communities, can often lead to deportation for some immigrants and refugees. They can also choose whether or not to re-open past cases that are triggering deportation!


Hennepin County Attorney Candidate Forum

Hosted by the League of Women Voters (9/29/22)


MN8’s Take on Why This Race Matters

The sheriff’s control over the county jail means that they can choose whether or not to share information with ICE about community members who are detained. They can also choose whether or not to allow ICE officers into the jail to interview community members. Providing ICE with information as well as allowing ICE officers in the jail leads to a strong possibility of someone being put in immigration proceedings and deported. 


Hennepin County Sheriff Candidate Forum

Cohosted by MN8 (10/13/22)

Secretary of State

MN8’s Take on Why This Race Matters

The Secretary of State’s office’s main responsibilities is overseeing statewide voter registration and elections and controlling the statewide voter registration system. Their position also oversees language access and voting restoration for individuals completing prison sentences


Attorney General

MN8’s Take on Why This Race Matters

As the chief legal officer of the state, the Attorney General provides legal support and advice to our state agencies, commissions, and boards on how to implement statewide policies and procedures. The Attorney General is also one of three individuals who can grant a pardon to Minnesotans. A pardon for past criminal convictions can remove a deportation order for immigrants and refugees.